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"Sharky Roger" Black Multicam Hat

"Sharky Roger" Black Multicam Hat

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***Hats are in Pre-Order Status as of 9-2-19. Should have them ready to ship in a week mates!***

Whenst Pyrate John Sharks was on the account across the Caribbean, it was no secret the merchant sailor was not afraid of cannons or guns, for he was at some point in his career engaged in war. However, what all men who venture upon the sea fear most be to fall prey to the “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Many a hardened merchant captain have given up the whereabouts of hidden riches rather than be made to walk the plank into a shiver of Bull Sharks. Pyrate John Sharks designed his own “Sharky Roger” to warn prize ships of the fate that awaits should they not surrender properly. Now ye can hoist the colours of Pyrate John Sharks on the modern day Black!

Hats come in 2 styles - Snapback Adjustable Retro Trucker or Structured Flexfit, with Logos in White or Black. Snapbacks feature front embroidery only. Flexfits are embroidered front and back.

***Please note appropriate size of Flexfit whenst ye order***

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