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Hand-sculpted, Shark Safe, Stainless Hammerhead Tooth

Hand-sculpted, Shark Safe, Stainless Hammerhead Tooth


Pyrate John Sharks be tired of seeing sharks killed so their teeth and jaws canst be donned as trophies. As such, here be me Hand-sculpted, Shark Safe, Stainless Steel Great Hammerhead Teeth! A perfect way to show off yer fancy for sharks and know that nay a shark was killed to provide you with a fine piece of treasure to wear. Each piece be individually cut and sculpted, no industrial production here. There will be slight variances between each tooth.

Teeth are corded with type 1 or 275 paracord, with a breakaway pop tab closure.

In addition to being a Shark Safe jewelry piece, they are designed to be used as a small self defense implement should the need arise. One side of the tooth is left blunt with serrated jimping for bracing with a finger hold and the other side given a slight point/edge for slashing. NOTE: there are not made to be used for utility purposes, only for an emergency. 316 stainless does not hold a utility edge well.

***HH03 accidentally came out very sharp in relation to the other teeth. Wear with caution.***

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