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Shark Safe, Hand-sculpted Stainless Hammerhead Tooth

Shark Safe, Hand-sculpted Stainless Hammerhead Tooth


Pyrate John Sharks be tired of seeing sharks killed so their teeth and jaws canst be donned as trophies. As such, here be me Hand-sculpted, SHARK SAFE, Stainless Steel Great Hammerhead Teeth! A perfect way to show off yer fancy for sharks and know that nay a shark was killed to provide you with a fine piece of treasure to wear. Each piece be individually cut and sculpted by me from 1/4in thick stainless steel using hand tools, no fancy printer or industrial production here. There will be slight variances between each tooth given they are individually cut and sculpted.

Teeth are corded with type 1 or 275 paracord, with a breakaway pop tab closure.

In addition to being a Shark Safe jewelry piece, they are designed to be used as a small self defense implement should the need arise. One side of the tooth is left blunt with jimping for bracing with your index finger and the other side given a slight point & edge for face/eye scoring in close quarters self-defense scenario.

NOTE: these arrr not made to be used for utility purposes, only for an emergency.

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