Pyrate John Sharks


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Pyrate John Sharks - Purveyor of Creative Treachery

Born and raised in the Glorious Buccaneer Port of Tampa Bay, I developed a love of the Sea and connection to Bull Sharks as a wee lad, often feeding them fish scraps, and anyone who messed with me. Being a descendant of Scottish Lord of the Isles, Sommerled, the Sea ran in me blood and pirating seemed a natural course fer me to pursue. Taking to the account and roaming about over the years, me serrated ventures have taken me to such locales as the Voodoo Ridden Shores of Haiti, the Civilized Coasts of the Carolinas, the Pirate Shoals of Jose Gaspar and back to me beloved Tampa Bay. During the course of me days on the Account, I had a practice of making victims walk the plank and threatening them with being thrown to me pet sharks should they not reveal the whereabouts of loot and such. Men may not fear pistols or swords in these waters, but the “weeping and gnashing of teeth” haunts all who venture upon the Sea. Such a “hostis humani generis” was I that the English and Spanish agreed to erase me from all historical record. Alas, whilst me days of terrorizing the Spanish Main be at rest, fer now, I be living a Pyrate's Life and Purveying Creative Treachery in the Modern Day. Of course, I always keep a Shiver of Bull Sharks nearby, just in case. Have a gander at me Shark Safe, Stainless Steel Shark’s Teeth, me Pyrate Arrrts, Wares & Implements, and by all means "ROUSE THE CAPTAIN" if ye need to seeks an accord!

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