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Born And Raised in the Glorious Buccaneer Port of Tampa Bay, I developed a love of the Sea and connection to Bull Sharks as a Wee Lad, often them amongst the Shallows. Roaming about over the years, me Serrated Ventures have taken me to such exotic locales as the Voodoo Ridden Shores of Haiti, the Civilized Coasts of the Carolinas, the Pirate Shoals of Jose Gaspar and back to me beloved Tampa Bay. During the course of me days on the Account, I acquired the Name John Sharks by those who lived to tell tales, as I struck fear into me victims with threats of being thrown to me pets, the Denizens of the Deep. Whilst me days of terrorizing the Spanish Main be at rest, fer now, I be living a Pyrate's Life and Purveying a little Creative Treachery in the Modern Day. Always with a Shiver of Bull Sharks nearby, just in case. So if ye be in need of a Pyrate, by all means "ROUSE THE CAPTAIN" to seeks an accord!

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Creative Treachery Services


Creative Treachery

The Creative Treachery I be Purveying Includes:

  • Original Pyrate Arrrts
  • Pyrate Weapons, Knives and Props
  • Pyrate Airbrush Tattooing Booth and Pyrate Prop Setup fer Events
  • Modern Apparel and Wares with Pyrate Flair
  • Body Painting (LASSES ONLY)
  • Pyrate Consort fer Pillagin and Plunderin
  • Pyrate Consort fer Kidnappin Politicians fer Ransomin
  • Currently Have 2 Book Projects in the Works

mercantile opening soon...


All be Custom Designed, Handmade & Copyright of PYRATE JOHN SHARKS

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