The Pyrate John Sharks

Welcome to the Serrated Ventures of the Pyrate John Sharks - Pyrate, Arrrtist and Certified Paddleboard Captain for hire.

Pyrate John Sharks

  It's a Pyrate's Life for Me as I find me fortunes upon the winds and tides. I be making a living by the sea and by dabbling in a little artistic, creative treachery now and again. My serrated ventures have taken me from the Buccaneer Port of Tampa Bay to the Voodoo Ridden Shores of Haiti, the Civilized Coasts of the Carolinas, the Pirate Shoals of Jose Gaspar and back. Always on the account...

Pyrate Offerings

Have some sorts of Pyratical Artistic needs?

Want to add real Pyrate Flair to your next office party or event, give your bawdy guests Pirate Tattoos perhaps?

Need Pyrate props for your home or office?
Seeking paddleboardin adventures upon the sea with a safe, experienced & well-traveled Paddleboard Captain?

Just need something Pyratey in general?
"Rouse the Cap'n" to seek an accord. 

Pyrate Life

This be a pictorial collection of me creative works in artistic treachery, prop making, body painting, pyrate tattooing, events, paddleboard adventures and whatever pyratical accounts that I be having over the last few years, so pour ye some rum and have a gander...

Rouse the Cap'n


Pyrate John Sharks

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